Nft Genesis Mint

Be part of the next generation music scene, with the most exclusive web3 music community and social club in the solar system.

The Centaurify exclusive NFT collection will grant access to member-only benefits that will grow over time. Each NFT holder will get early access to high-profile NFT drops, physical and virtual parties and events, limited merchandise, and much more…


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Become a part of the most disruptive music NFT projects in the industry! How to get whitelisted for the genesis mint:

Follow & join our socials FOR MORE INFORMATION

Tasks given, engagment & competitions will grant you exlusive roles in our Discord.

Have fun & be creative in everything you do in the community. Just a hint! Aim to get the “AAA”,“BACKSTAGE” or the ”Golden Circle” role in our Discord server

Holding cent tokens

50,000-299,999 $CENT

Grants Discord Role: BACKSTAGE

300,000+ $CENT

Grants Discord Role: AAA

Staking cent tokens

Pool 3

Pool 3 (min stake 100,000 $CENT)

Grants Discord Role: BACKSTAGE

Pool 6

Pool 6 (min stake 50,000 $CENT)

Grants Discord Role: BACKSTAGE

Pool 12

Pool 12 (min stake 150,000 $CENT)

Grants Discord Role: AAA

win top
win middle
win bottom


Follow our socials to get the opportunity to win whitelist spots.